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Forensic Nursing Jobs in Australia

Forensic nursing in Australia is about providing patient care in a secure, prison type environment.

Mentally ill people sometimes commit serious crimes which warrants their detention in a secure, prison type environment. The key factors in their detention are the treatment of their mental illness and the safeguarding of the general public. Nurses working in these areas can be faced with challenging situations not the least of which is working in a locked facility.

In Australia there has been a significant expansion of Forensic services which require experienced nurses to work in. There are great opportunities for both permanent and casual work in this area.

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How to Become a Forensic Nurse

Forensic nurses, as the name suggests, have specialised training in caring for the mentally ill who have committed a crime and as a result are detained in a secure environment.

In exploring a career as a forensic nurse, complete nursing school as a Registered Nurse, then participate in additional educational courses.

Being a forensic nurse can be stressful at times, but, as with all other nurses and members of the medical world, your priority is to provide safety and care to your patients.

Consider becoming a vital part of the medical world as a forensic nurse. Australian Nursing Agency Network has a variety of forensic nursing jobs available to international nurses looking to live and work in Australia. This field is rapidly expanding, so join ANAN now.