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Nursing in Australia

Australian Nursing Agency Network is Australia’s number one provider of permanent and casual work to qualified nurses travelling from overseas to Australia.

Our land has a lot going for it, and nursing in Australia provides that sought after balance between work and leisure – pick up work when you need to, and play the rest of the time!

Once you join ANAN, you’ll have complete control over the facilities you wish to work at, and how often you want to work. Better yet, you’ll also benefit from exceptional pay rates to help fuel your working holiday!

Australia is recognised as a leader in nursing education and development, and ANAN is a nursing agency that can help you become part of the community dedicated to improving people’s health. We’re also passionate about helping you fulfil nursing goals by offering ongoing training and personal development initiatives.

Becoming A Nurse In Australia

ANAN will help you every step of the way to becoming a nurse in Australia.

Earn yourself a brand new experience where you can discover Australia and live as a local while working as often or as little as you want.

ANAN makes it easier for you to get here, and easier to find work once you arrive! Find out more about nursing recruitment in Australia.

Nurse Salary In Australia

Australia is known for offering some of the most attractive pay rates in the world! Find out more about nurse salary in Australia and extra reimbursements (including parking and your uniform) from ANAN.