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Success Stories




“I have worked with Australia Nursing Agency Network for four months, and so far I am very satisfied with it. Once I’d had my interview I was working in a matter of days.

I’m basically getting the same pay as full-time work but with all the benefits of an agency, such as choosing the days and shift times I want to work. Also there are usually extra shifts available if you want more hours.

With ANAN I work in a variety of places such as public and private hospitals, acute admissions, drug and alcohol units and 1:1 specials in general units. I believe I have gained much knowledge from this wide range of health areas. I found it very easy to adjust to the different units and I have always found staff welcoming.

My experience with ANAN has been a positive one and I would definitely recommend mental health nurses who want to work in Melbourne long- or short-term to join Australia Nursing Agency Network.”




Todd Scott joined Australian Nursing Agency Network in 2006 as a sponsored mental health nurse on a 457 Temporary Work visa from England. Todd met one of our staff in England at an employment expo, liked what he heard and eventually arrived in Australia sponsored by us.

Todd had previously visited Australia on a 417 Working Holiday visa in 2004 and worked his way around the country, mainly in Tasmania.

Todd is a keen aviator and when he began working at Australian Nursing Agency Network he used his first pay to cover the cost of his first training flight.

Soon after arriving in Australia on his 457 visa Todd met Sonia. He obtained a Bridging visa and eventually obtained permanent residency. Todd and Sonia were married in 2010 and now have a 10- month-old daughter.

Not only has Todd found a new life in Australia with his family, but he has also continued to fly and now has his Commercial Pilot License and Instructor Rating, all paid for through his work with Australian Nursing Agency Network